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The Benefits of Water Telemetry - Levno Water Monitoring

Using telemetry to monitor your water supply eliminates the burden of manually reading, recording and reporting water use, as well as ensuring data is accurate - saving you time, stress and effort.

“Levno's supply monitoring has taken away the burden of manual reporting and the hassle of having to walk down to the pump and read the meter before or after the irrigation system has run. It’s gotten rid of the headaches from that ‘ah no!’ moment when you realise you’ve forgotten to read the meter.”

Other benefits of telemetry include: 

  • Know your flow rate, volume used and what's normal.
  • Early detection of leaks.
  • Be confident you have enough water.
  • Identify potential issues with pumps, bore/supply source.
  • Understand your property’s water usage.
  • Understand seasonal trends and historical use.   

A key benefit of having Levno for Water on your supply meter is that not only does it provide the option to link to your Council, but you can access your live data via the Levno App and use it to better manage water resources.

The Levno App is an extremely resourceful tool that provides real-time data, making it easier than ever to track and manage your water usage. The data is presented in an easy-to-use dashboard where you and your team can view insights and set alerts, so you can be notified of potential issues before they have a significant impact. 

Levno customer Rodger Marwick was grateful when Levno alerted him to an issue with his bore that could have been catastrophic Read Rodger’s story.

Go to Levno for Water | Supply on our website to learn more about how supply monitoring works.

To learn about what telemetry is and how Levno telemetry works, see our article: What is Water Telemetry?

Under the Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes Amendment Regulations 2020 consent holders, with takes of 5 litres per second or more, may be required to install telemetry. To learn more see our article: Changes to the Measuring and Reporting of Water Takes.  

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