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Feed Volume


Know when you're low


Levno can send you and your feed supplier an alert when you reach a certain level, so you never run out of feed.
Key Metrics


Improve feed management 


Key metrics let you know how much feed you are using use on a daily basis and how many days you have until empty. 
Understand trends


Understand usage trends


Know how much feed you use in specific time periods/years so you can compare and accurately budget for the next.


Keep the team safe


Levno lets you know the level of the silo or tank. There is no longer any need for you or your team to climb the silo to check the level, eliminating the risk of a serious accident.


Access from anywhere


Access your data on our app or desktop dashboard, from anywhere you can get a data or wifi connection. Quickly understand how much feed you have on hand. 

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Are you a Feed Supplier?

Levno provides Feed Suppliers with the time critical insights needed to manage customers' feed requirements and optimise deliveries. 

Feed Suppliers

Levno's feed monitoring makes feed management easy

Levno for Feed is the newest product to join the Levno suite, giving you full visibility over your silo and liquid feed tank.

Levno will let you know when you have had a delivery and how many days you have until empty. You'll be notified when your feed drops below a certain level, so you can order more before you run out. 
You can customise alerts with the parameters that matter to you and your team.
Using Levno for Feed improves health and safety and reduces risk, by eliminating the need for anyone to climb the silo to check feed levels. 
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How it works

Levno sensor

Levno monitors the level of feed in your tank or silo with a radar sensor. This is installed on the top of the tank or silo, allowing it to read what's inside 24/7. This information is sent to the transceiver and then to your dashboard. 

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The transceiver receives data back from the sensor and transmits it to the cloud for display in your Levno dashboard. From your dashboard you can view your live data and set alerts. You can receive alerts via text, email or in-app push notification.

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Level changes

Levno constantly measures the levels of your feed tank or silo, meaning you can go about your day assured you will always have enough feed. Set up thresholds for when the volume drops below a certain level so that the necessary people can be alerted to order more feed. 

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Safety precaution

Keeping your staff safe is the most important thing on the farm. With Levno for Feed there is no longer a need to climb the silo, minimising the risk of an accident.

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Usage trends

Levno is constantly measuring the feed levels in your silo or tank. This data is presented in graphs which can be used to understand usage trends and help you to plan ahead. 

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Feed delivery

When you receive a feed delivery silo or tank level data will automatically update. You can also set up refill alerts to tell you that a delivery has occurred.

Your feed supplier can get access to your Levno for Feed so they can monitor it on their end and top you up before you run out.

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Feed management data at your fingertips

With Levno's app you, and others you choose, can access your silo or feed tank information anytime, anywhere you can get a data or wifi connection.
The app is really easy for everyone to use. It lets you see the level of feed in your silo or tank at the click of a button. You can track daily usage rates and trends over time for superior feed management. 
“Levno’s app is easy for our whole team to use, it helps us work together and creates efficiencies in the team.” - Gavin Brown, Farm Manager, Moerangi Station.
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