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Changes to the Measuring and Reporting of Water Takes

Do you hold a consent for taking freshwater at a rate of 5 litres per second or more? 

In 2020 the Resource Management (Water Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010 were amended. The changes made required water takes of more than 5 litres per second to be measured every 15 minutes and data electronically reported to Councils daily. This essentially means a telemetered system is needed*.  

The regulations are being phased in over several years.  

Supply regulation timeline (1)

Levno can help you get ahead of the pack and meet regulations.

With Levno for Water | Supply we will add telemetry to your supply meter, and if you choose, send your consent data direct to your Council. This eliminates the burden of manually reading, recording and reporting water use, as well as ensuring the data reported is accurate - saving you time, stress and effort.

When you choose Levno to monitor your supply, you get much more than just compliance reporting. We give you access to your live data via the Levno App, in a useful format that will empower you to better manage water resources and detect issues by setting alerts. You can also manage access to your data and share it with those who need to know. 

For more on the benefits of telemetry, including real stories from customers, see our article: The Benefits of Water Telemetry.

*Some exemptions may be possible and requirements may vary between Councils. For information and detailed overview of the 2020 amendment regulations see the Ministry’s Consent Holder Guidance

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