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World leading agricultural technology

Levno’s technology turns data into powerful insights and time-critical alerts, enabling you to boost operational efficiency.

Through a combination of smart sensors, IoT connectivity, and cutting edge software; Levno monitors on-site factors crucial to productivity. If something needs attention, Levno lets you know. 


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Milk monitoring provides farmers and dairy processors with the critical insights needed to produce high quality milk and optimise its collection.

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Milk - Dashboard overview

Fuel monitoring gives both customers and fuel distributors visibility over fuel levels. It helps to keep fuel secure onsite and provides insights to improve fuel management.

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Fuel - dashboard overview

Water monitoring helps customers, businesses and regulators to manage water resources more sustainably and avoid major disruptions caused by water loss.

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Feed monitoring provides farmers and feed suppliers with the insights they need to monitor usage and safeguard the supply of feed silo and liquid tank feeds.

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It's easy to get started with Levno 

No big upfront costs

Levno's transparent pricing reduces barriers to getting started. There are no big hardware costs, just a simple monthly fee that covers all maintenance and upgrades. All products have tiered pricing, so you can choose the level of function at a price that works for you.

24/7 customer support

Our dedicated customer team are available 24/7 to arrange installs and provide support for current products. They can calibrate your products from the office and arrange technicians for installs and repairs, all free of charge. Call them anytime on 0800 453 866.

Experienced technicians

Our experienced technicians make installation a breeze. They will visit you to fit our sensors and get you up and running at a time that's convenient. If your Levno gear ever needs servicing, our technicians will fix it or replace it at no cost to you.

Scalable and customisable

Levno is a monitoring solution that will grow with you. You can add a new product or change subscription tiers to access new features any time. Our in house R&D team are constantly developing new products and adding features to our existing range.


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Save time and drive profitability

Fix issues before they cost you

Alerts let you, and others you choose, know when something isn't right and needs attention. You determine the parameters that matter you.

Increase productivity, sustainably

Continuous data and insights will help you streamline operational processes, to maximise productivity and reduce costs, without impacting the environment.

Gain visibility with accurate data

Get rid of manual monitoring and guesswork with accurate information delivered straight to your phone or device. Know what's happening 24/7.

Manage compliance with ease

Levno provides the continuous, real-time data needed to meet compliance targets. Levno can connect to regulatory bodies and automatically send data.

Never worry about data security

Rigorous web-based security protocols and encrypted connections keep your data secure. Our systems are regularly audited to maintain standards.


Levno is an award winning, ISO certified business 

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