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How it works


Our patented system measures fuel levels in your tank and reports immediate change in volume


The information is sent and stored in our purpose built cloud system


Your Levno dashboard is continuously updated with data from your fuel tank


A closer look at Levno for Fuel
and what it measures

  • alerts you when fuel has been delivered or needs delivery
  • recognises fuel level changes
  • alerts you when fuel has been pumped

Levno continuously updates your dashboard and sends alerts to your mobile and pc

What our customers say about Levno for Fuel

“We have multiple users of fuel on the farm and without a monitoring system it is impossible to keep a track of the fuel volume. With Levno for Fuel, we are more organised than before.”

Scott Johanson

“We thought someone was coming around and stealing fuel. We actually saw truck trails near the tank. Since having Levno, the first few bills we saved $600. It's been awesome.”

Kyran Brown

“We didn't store fuel on the farm until we got Levno. My staff know that I know how much fuel we have and when it leaves the tank. They respect that and nobody nicks it.”

Robert Ervine

Levno for Fuel is available today from only $25 a month*

*Subject to connection cost

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