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Fuel Level Changes

Level changes 

Levno monitors all fuel deliveries and withdrawals. See how much fuel is in a tank at any time and be alerted to changes. 
Fuel Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics

Fuel Partners use Levno's data to optimise delivery schedules and ensure that their customers never run out of fuel. 
Real time insights into Fuel usage

Real time insights

Levno keeps a record of every fuel withdrawal. Track usage trends and have the data on hand for reporting and fuel tax refunds.  

Fuel distributors 

Are you from a fuel distribution company? 

Levno will give you visibility over your customers' tanks, providing time critical data to ensure fuel is delivered in an efficient and sustainable way.
fuel tanker - fuel partner

Fuel tank owners 

Are you from a business that stores fuel onsite?

Levno will give you visibility over your fuel tank and help you keep it secure. You'll be alerted to low levels, withdrawals, refills and unusual activity. 

Ensol fuel tank - Direct fuel customers

Get Levno for Fuel Today!


Get Levno for Fuel today!

Drop us a line with a few details and we'll be in touch soon to confirm your request and arrange your fuel install!


Levno for Fuel can be adapted to a range of uses


Farm fuel

Install Levno on your farm petrol and diesel tanks and be alerted the moment someone removes fuel from your tank. Put a stop to fuel shrinkage.

Commercial operations  

Levno for Fuel alerts you when your fuel levels get low so you can get your tank topped up before a fuel shortage impacts business operations.

Fuel distributors

Levno's partner dashboard gives Fuel Distributors visibility of their customers' tanks to improve logistics and transport efficiencies.

Underground tanks

Levno for Fuel can be installed on a range of sites including underground tanks.

Oil and lubricants

Levno for Fuel can be adapted to measure the volumes of a range of oils and lubricants.

Aviation fuel

Levno is rated for use in explosive environments and can safely be installed on avgas tanks.


Fuel distributors

For fuel distributors - learn how Levno for Fuel helps you optimise logistics. 
Fuel partners - distribution company information

Fuel customers 

For fuel tank owners - learn how Levno helps you keep your on-site tank secure.  
Ensol fuel tank - Direct fuel customers

What our customers are saying

Kyran Brown - Levno for fuel customer

" We thought someone was coming around and stealing fuel. We actually saw tyre marks near the tank. We've saved $600 in our first few bills since having Levno. It's awesome!"

Kyran Brown

Robert Ervine

"We didn't store fuel on the farm until we got Levno. My staff know that I track how much we have and know when it leaves the tank. They respect that and nobody nicks it. "

Robert Ervine

Quad 1

“I’ve been a Levno for Fuel customer since 2017 and I wouldn’t be without it. It gives me peace of mind that my fuel is secure. Boy is the stuff is expensive! Anything I can do to lessen the likelihood of it going missing is a no-brainer.”

Matthew Bell


Talk to us about fuel monitoring


Talk to us about fuel monitoring

Drop us a line with a few details and we'll be in touch soon!

Even if you're just considering fuel monitoring, you are welcome to get in touch for an obligation free chat.

You're in safe hands with Levno

Our dedicated customer team make booking installations easy. We have trained installers New Zealand wide, ready to get you up and running fast.

You'll never be asked to fork out for maintenance or upgrades with Levno. All you pay is a low monthly fee for the data and we take care of everything else.

Our customer team can be reached 24/7 to resolve issues and book installers for servicing. 

Levno installer with farmer

Subscription plans to suit everyone

Levno for Fuel is available in three subscription plans, choose from our Regular, Super or Premium plans to suit your needs.

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Levno subscription plans - motorbike

Fuel tax refunds made easy 

Levno for Fuel Premium lets you speed up your fuel tax refund process by allocating usage in the Levno App

▶︎ Find out more about Fuel Premium
Fuel tax refunds - quad bike

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