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Levno for Water's supply monitoring uses telemetry and cloud based technology to provide councils and regulatory bodies with the compliance data they need to enable better water management and conservation. Levno can alert customers to potential issues and help them avoid high and wasteful usage. 

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Commercial  Operators 

Levno for Water's tank monitoring provides water delivery businesses with visibility over their customers' tanks. Insights delivered via our partner dashboard help to improve logistics and transport efficiencies. This ensures water is delivered in the most sustainable way and customers are never left without. 

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Water Schemes 

Levno for Water offers rural water schemes increased visibility of water use and the ability to identify issues quickly. Supply monitoring will track how much water the scheme uses. Tank and usage can be installed across the scheme to monitor individuals' usage, and to detect leaks and other issues. 

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Our water monitoring products


Water supply monitoring 

Track how much water is being taken from the main supply source. Levno's supply product tracks the total volume of water used in any given period and the flow rate in litres per second.  

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Water tank monitoring 

See how much water is in a tank at any time. Be alerted to low levels before the tank runs dry. Know if tanks are filling or emptying at unusual rates so you can fix issues before they impact customers.
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Water usage monitoring


Track water usage around a property or water scheme. Usage monitoring lets you know where water is going and helps you pinpoint leaks, so you can fix them before they become a crisis. 

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How it works


Data from Levno's sensors is transmitted to the cloud for display in our easy to use Partner Dashboard, via the Levno transceiver.
The Partner Dashboard can be viewed on a computer or phone, making it accessible to everyone in the team. 
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Optimising the management and conservation of water

Better sustainability

Proactively manage water supply and usage. Detect leaks quickly to ensure wastage is minimised. Optimise water transport logistics.

Improved visibility

Access time critical data and insights through our intuitive partner dashboard. Ensure water is managed in most efficient and sustainable way.

Fast leak detection

Know when and where water is being lost. Be alerted to issues so you can fix them before they become a crisis.

Smoother compliance

Track water usage, ensuring everyone uses only what they are entitled to. Know when to take action with customised alerts.


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