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Water usage monitoring for peace of mind 

Usage - pinpoint leaks

Pinpoint leaks and repair them sooner

Be alerted to unusually high flow rates and volumes in your lines. Levno will let you know which line is experiencing an issue, so you can fix it before it costs you. 
Usage - Track volume and flow rate
Ensure water gets to where it’s needed
Track flow rate and volume activity around your property. Ensure water is getting to where it’s needed to protect livestock and crops from dehydration.


Night alerts for unusual water usage

Be alerted to unusual overnight use   

Be alerted when a certain volume of water is used between 11pm and 4am. Unusual activity will be most obvious at this time, when usage should be minimal.

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Enquire about usage monitoring

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Who is usage monitoring for?

Usage monitoring is for farms, orchards, vineyards and other commercial operations where it’s crucial that water gets to livestock and crops to protect against dehydration. The results of which can be devastating and include reduced productivity and loss. Usage monitoring works well in combination with tank monitoring for superior leak detection and visibility over your water system.


See how usage monitoring works


A Levno sensor is installed to read a flow meter on your line, this sensor can be attached to an existing meter or you can purchase a Levno meter. The sensor constantly records the flow rate and sends this data back to the transceiver. Sensors can be placed on main lines and branch lines to help pinpoint and isolate leaks more quickly.

Set up alerts to be notified when low or high flow rates occur, when a certain volume of water is used over a period of time and when unusual overnight use occurs.

Water usage - how it works web version 3


The transceiver receives data back from the sensor and transmits it to the cloud for display in your Levno dashboard. From your dashboard you can view your live data and set alerts.

The transceiver will be installed using mains power. When mains power is not available there is a solar power option. 

Water usage - how it works web version 3


Your dashboard displays data received from the transceiver, providing you with real time information about flow rates and the volume of water being used around your property. A range of reports are available to see activity and changes over time. You can also set and manage alerts for yourself and others.

Your dashboard is available via the Levno App and on Desktop.

Water usage - how it works web version 3


Levno will alert you to important issues with your flow rates, the volume of water being used and unusual overnight use via push notification, email and text. You have the ability to select the types of alerts you receive and the parameters that matter to you. You can also add alerts for other people who require visibility over your water use. 

If you require assistance setting up alerts our 24/7 customer team are only a phone call away.

Water usage - how it works web version 3

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Water usage - how it works web version 3

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