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Milk Partners

Levno gives you critical real-time information about your suppliers’ milk by monitoring temperature, volume, agitation, milking time, and quality throughout milking systems on one consolidated platform.
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Dairy Farmers

Levno for Milk gives you real-time actionable insights about the milk in your vat, so you are always in the know and can be alerted to issues prior to them effecting milk quality. 
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Milk quality

Levno for Milk delivers the critical, real-time controls needed to optimise the quality of the milk produced.

Levno monitors key dependencies like milk and wash temperatures, stirrer performance, power outages, and automatically alerts the farmer if issues are identified. This ensures less milk being disposed of, and a higher quality of milk is being collected.
Milk Tanker

Transport & logistics

Levno provides processors with the critical on-farm data they need to integrate into their route optimisation and scheduling process.

Maximise tanker utilisation with access to real milking times . The processor not only knows the age of the milk but can also extend their milk collection windows.

Real time insights into Fuel usage

Real time insights

Levno provides the milk processor and farmer with the critical insights needed to guarantee the production of high-quality milk. 
Insights and alerts are delivered via both an app and a dashboard. With Levno you have the ability to receive alerts in multiple ways, so there’s a solution for everyone. Customisation also allows each user to tailor their alerts to their needs. 

Over the last 12 months, Levno has monitored 14 billion litres of milk; alerting farmers to issues so they can be resolved before they have an impact. 

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Our dedicated customer team make booking installations easy. We have trained installers New Zealand wide, ready to get you up and running fast.

You'll never be asked to fork out for maintenance or upgrades with Levno. All you pay is a low monthly fee for the data and we take care of everything else.

Our customer team can be reached 24/7 to resolve issues and book installers for servicing. 

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Already have MVMS? Explore the extra functional of our Full Cream plan.

Levno | Full Cream™ 
plan gives you extra layers of protection, allowing you to provide your supplier with the best quality milk. With 24/7 Levno staff supervision of your milk via the Escalated Alerts feature, you will be alerted of any issues minutes after they occur via phone call. Allowing you to have peace of mind about your milk.
Milk Partners

Learn how Levno for Milk can increase milk quality and improve logistics. 

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Dairy Farmers

Learn how Levno for Milk can give you complete visibility the status of the milk in your vat

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