New milk vat technology coming soon

How it works


We install seven sensors that take readings every 3 minutes from your milk vat


The information is sent and stored in our purpose built cloud system

Milk Dashboard

Your Levno dashboard is regularly updated with data (refreshed every 10 minutes)


A closer look at Levno for Milk
and what it measures

  • temperature of milk coming into the plate cooler
  • temperature of water coming into the plate cooler
  • temperature of milk leaving plate cooler
  • amount of milk in the vat
  • stirrer performance
  • temperature of milk in the vat
  • temperature of milk at all times from milking until pickup

Levno continuously updates your dashboard and sends alerts to your mobile and pc

What farmers say about Levno for Milk

“At 1.30am recently my refrigeration unit wasn’t working so the milk temperature got high. An alert to my phone saved me half a vat of milk worth $3,000.”

Roy Tiller

“One of our staff members left the refrigeration unit off one weekend and Levno alerted me early enough so we could get that milk chilled and had no problems sending it to Fonterra.”

Cam Lewis

“Farmers have had various warnings about the future regulations. Investing in new equipment in advance and knowing it'll comply with the future standards, gives me one less thing to worry about. It's a total relief.”

James Stewart

Levno for Milk is available today from only $80 a month*

*Subject to connection cost up to $500 depending on number of vats

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