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Customer Stories: Levno for Water Saves the Day at Moola Dairies

Rodger Marwick - Levno for Water

Moola Dairies runs 470 cows on a 170 hectare property near Invercargill. In early 2021 Owner, Rodger Marwick, made the decision to change to Levno’s monitoring systems, and he hasn’t looked back. 

Rodger uses Levno’s Milk, Fuel and Water monitoring products and loves having his farm's data at his fingertips via the Levno App. “I love it to bits!” says Rodger of the app. “It’s really easy to use and means I don’t have to be on farm to know what’s happening. I can be alerted to potential issues, anywhere, anytime. My wife and kids have the app too, so someone will always have an eye on things.” 

Levno’s water monitoring was a real hero recently when Rodger was alerted to what could have been a catastrophic problem. “I noticed the level in our farm tank was dropping and not recovering, even though the bore pump was running. The monitoring on our bore supply meter told me the flow rate was running lower than normal too. I knew at that point we weren't just dealing with a leak.”  

It turned out Rodger was on the verge of having his bore run dry. “With Levno’s Water monitoring we caught the problem early, which meant the pump didn’t run dry and we were able to put down a new bore before the farms’ water supply needs were impacted.” 

Rodger uses all three of Levno’s Water products, Supply, Tank and Usage. He loves the way they are set up to work together and give him visibility over his farm's entire water infrastructure. He says anyone thinking about using Levno’s monitoring should get on with it, “it’s the way forward for our industry and everyone should get onboard”.  

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