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What is Water Telemetry? - Levno for Water

Water telemetry is the automatic collection and transfer of remote data, eliminating the need for you to manually monitor and report water meter data.  

Levno for Water's telemetry attaches to a water supply meter and records the amount of water flowing through the pipe.

This data is then sent to the cloud for display in an easy-to-use dashboard via the Levno App. There is an option to automate consent reporting by linking direct to your Council, which saves you time and effort. 

Water Supply - how it works

Levno for Water's supply monitoring also offers a range of benefits beyond managing council compliance. The Levno App provides detailed insights, enabling you to track your water usage and set alerts for abnormal readings. This allows you to quickly detect leaks and other issues that may be impacting your water usage and potentially causing unnecessary expenses.  

To learn more about the benefits see our article: The Benefits of Water Telemetry.  

To make the installation process as convenient as possible, Levno offers telemetry installation on both new and existing meters. You also have the option to purchase meters through Levno. 

In addition to monitoring supply meters, Levno also uses telemetry to monitor flow rate meters on usage lines. Levno's water monitoring can help you make informed decisions about your water usage, detect leaks, and ensure that water is reaching stock and crops.

By automating the collection and transfer of remote data, water telemetry offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to monitoring your water supply and usage.

Levno's supply and usage telemetry products are part of the Levno for Water range:

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