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Tank monitoring to take your worries away

Save time - clock
Save time 
Save time checking tanks manually and fuel driving to reach them. Instead, view the volume of water in your tank from your smart phone, tablet or computer and be alerted when something needs attention. 
Water volume

Detect leaks early  


Be alerted to a low level of water in your tank, so you can review volume changes and investigate the cause of sudden changes. Tank monitoring works well in combination with usage monitoring past the tank, for superior leak detection.
Volume of water in your tank

Know you have water  


See the volume of water (%) you have in your tank at any time. Changes in volume are recorded in your dashboard in 15-minute intervals. Know what’s normal for your tank and be alerted to low and high levels.  

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Enquire about water tank monitoring

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Who is water tank monitoring for?

Water tank monitoring is for anyone who wants to know how much water is in their tank, without having to check it manually. Whether you have a farm or commercial operation that has multiple tanks, or you have a single tank that you rely on to supply your business or home. Levno for Water's tank monitoring will give you confidence that you have water available when you need it, as well as assist with leak detection.


See how tank monitoring works


A Levno sensor will be installed on your tank. This sensor calculates the volume of water inside the tank and sends this data back to the transceiver.

Set up alerts to be notified of a low or high level. 


Water Tank - how it works web version 2


The transceiver receives data back from the sensor and transmits it to the cloud for display in your Levno dashboard. From your dashboard you can view your live data and set alerts.

The transceiver will be installed using mains power. When mains power is not available there is a solar power option. 

Water Tank - how it works web version 2


Your dashboard displays data received from the transceiver, providing you with real time information about the level of water in your tank. A range of reports are available to see activity and changes over time. You can also set and manage alerts for yourself and others.

Your dashboard is available via the Levno App and on Desktop. 


Water Tank - how it works web version 2


Levno will alert you to high and low levels of water in your tank via push notification, email and text. You have the ability to select the types of alerts you receive and the parameters that matter to you. You can also add alerts for other people who require visibility over your tank.

If you require assistance setting up alerts our 24/7 customer team are only a phone call away.

Water Tank - how it works web version 2

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Water Tank - how it works web version 2

The Levno difference

Levno is professionally installed and maintained. Our experienced technicians, located NZ-wide, will visit you to fit our gear and get you up and running at a time that's convenient.

And, if your Levno gear ever needs servicing or maintenance, our technicians will visit again to fix or replace it – at no cost to you.
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