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Water monitoring to suit your property

We understand that every property’s water system is different. Levno’s water monitoring products let you monitor what’s important to you. Our products work independently, or in combination as a package.  

Water supply flow rate monitoring

Track how much water you are taking from your supply. Meet compliance requirements and diagnose supply issues.

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Water tank level monitoring

Have peace of mind by knowing how much water is in your tank. Be alerted when volume reaches a low or high level.
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Water usage flow rate monitoring 

Know how much water you are using. Pinpoint leaks and blowouts, so you can fix them before they become a crisis. 

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Enquire about Levno for Water


Enquire about Levno for Water

Drop us a line with a few details and we'll be in touch soon!

Not sure which products you need yet? No problem! Our team know their stuff and can talk with you about your property and water system to help you decide what will work best.

Even if you are just considering water monitoring, you are welcome to get in touch for an obligation free chat.

Who is water monitoring for?

Levno for Water is for anyone who wants better visibility and control over their water management. Our customers range from dairy farmers to sheep and beef farmers, contractors, horticulture and viticulture operators.

Some customers choose water tank monitoring to keep an eye on their water tank levels remotely. Others appreciate the convenience of supply flow rate monitoring, as it takes care of council compliance by automatically reporting water usage. Supply flow rate, tank level, and usage flow rate monitoring integrate seamlessly to provide a comprehensive view of a property's water system. 

Do you Work in the Water Sector?

Levno provides Regulators, Commercial Operators and Water Schemes with the time critical insights needed to help them manage water resources efficiently and sustainably.
Water Infrastructure 

Water management data at your fingertips

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Access your water data remotely through the The Levno App. Keep an eye on your water tank levels, or water flow rates, and be alerted to any issues before they become a problem.
“Levno’s app is easy for our whole team to use, it helps us work together and creates efficiencies in the team.”
- Gavin Brown, Farm Manager, Moerangi Station.

Never worry about maintenance or upgrades

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At Levno, we do things differently; transparent pricing and no hardware cost means we take care of the servicing and maintenance, all you pay is a low monthly subscription fee for the data. 

Our customer support team are available 24/7-365 to help
resolve issues, while our dedicated field team look after installation and servicing nationwide. 

Get Levno for Water


Get Levno for Water

Drop us a line with a few details and we'll be in touch soon to confirm your request and get you set up with water monitoring.

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