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Customer Stories: Water Tank Monitoring Saves Time and Promotes Teamwork at Moerangi Station

Gavin Brown - Levno for Water 
Moerangi Station | Tuatahi Farming Partnership

Moerangi Station, located in the Kuratau River Valley, runs sheep, beef and deer over 3000 hectares of land. It’s a diverse operation which requires numerous water tanks, many in out-of-the-way locations, to meet the farm and communities’ water needs. 

Farm Manager, Gavin Brown, says having Levno for Water monitoring the levels in their tanks has been an absolute game changer.  

Gavin explains that prior to using Levno, they often wouldn’t know they had an issue with a leak until they turned on a tap somewhere and nothing came out! “By the time a problem was identified you could be looking at a very big problem involving multiple empty tanks.” 

“The time saving benefits of using Levno have been phenomenal!” says Gavin. “In the past identifying and fixing a leak could take us out for the whole day. Now with Levno we can see when levels in a tank are dropping at an unusual rate and have the problem isolated and sorted within an hour.” 

Gavin says one of his favourite things about Levno is the App. “It’s easy for the whole team to use and everyone having eyes on it and getting alerts means we can identify issues early. It also means the person in the best position to fix the issue can respond, which may not always be the person who identified the issue, so it helps us work together and creates efficiencies in the team.” 

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