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Customer Stories: Levno for Water Makes Life Easier at the Orchard

Edward Whyte | Levno for Water 

Edward Whyte owns an orchard in the sunny Hawkes Bay where he grows apples and grapes. In mid 2021 he had Levno’s water supply monitoring installed and says it really has made life that bit easier. 

“It’s taken away the burden of manual reporting and the hassle of having to walk down to the pump and read the meter before or after the irrigation system has run” says Edward. “It’s gotten rid of the headaches from that ‘ah no!’ moment when you realise you’ve forgotten to read the meter.” 

Levno constantly records and sends Edward’s supply meter data for his consent direct to his council for him, which he says not only saves him a job but also ensures the data being reported is accurate.

Edward says it was the simplicity of the system and the integrity of the Levno name that made him choose Levno over others. “It’s a sound system, it does what it says. It gives me visibility and peace of mind, so if I’m away for a few days I can have confidence that things are working as they should.”

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