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What is Bulk Milk Tank Monitoring?

Are you looking to take your dairy operation to the next level? Look no further than Levno's solution for monitoring bulk milk tanks, Levno for Milk - Milk Tank Monitoring (MTM).

Levno's Milk Tank Monitoring (MTM) is an innovative tool designed to help dairy farmers and milk processors improve the quality of their milk, increase their yield, reduce waste, and lower operating costs; making it the perfect solution to enhance the overall efficiency and profitability of your operations.

Levno for Milk provides real-time monitoring and control over key factors in the milk production process including milk temperatures, milk volume, hot wash frequency and temperature, milk age, milking times, and equipment performance (agitation & refrigeration).

For farmers, implementing Levno's Milk system reduces human and mechanical errors, allows them to produce high-quality milk that meets regulatory standards, and also improves the overall sustainability and efficiency of their milking systems.

For processors, the rollout of Levno's system across their farm supply network delivers all the value to an individual farmer and then some. Improved milk quality allows for more consistent and higher-value end products to be produced. Real-time data and performance metrics such as milk age, milk volume, and milk quality scores, all accessible on a single dashboard, allows for better decision making and management. This has resulted in increased fleet utilisation, traceability, sustainability, and overall profitability.


Features of Milk Tank Monitoring?

Milk monitoring provides unparalleled visibility, peace of mind, and confidence in farmers’ operations. The system, comprised of five sensors, can be easily retrofitted onto any type of bulk milk tank. Levno's experienced technicians can complete the installation process in just two hours with no disruption to the milking process.

Levno for Milk - How it works (UK 2023)

All sensor data is collated into simple, understandable, and actionable insights accessible through the Levno App available on Android and Apple devices. The app provides a full history of data to assist with proactive management of farm operations and comparisons between timeframes. Dairy processors have access to a partner dashboard that presents data and insights from all farms in one consolidated platform. The app offers tailored alerts for farmers, which can be customised for each farm and each user. Whether through SMS, email, push notifications, or personal phone calls, these alerts ensure farmers are always in the loop and can quickly address any potential problems. Examples of alerts include warnings for warm milk, milk entering the tank without primary cooling, agitation issues, missed hot washes, and hot wash temperatures that are not hot enough. With real-time data and insights, farmers can feel secure in the knowledge that their milk is being monitored 24/7, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing. 


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Benefits of Milk Tank Monitoring?

Levno’s Milk solution has a range of benefits on both sides of the farm gate delivering value to both farmers and dairy processors. Some of those benefits include improved milk quality, optimised logistics, greater traceability, and increased efficiency and sustainability.

A milk monitoring solution with Levno, continuously monitors milk from the time it enters the tank until collection, alerting farmers to any issues as soon as they occur to help them produce, and processors collect, milk of the highest quality.

For farmers, the solution reduces the risk of costly human and mechanical errors, facilitates the prompt resolution of issues, minimises the frequency and likelihood of grades, ensures milk temperatures are compliant, and that the correct on-farm procedures are followed. The result is the consistent production of high-quality milk.

With widespread implementation of a solution that improves the quality of milk on each individual farm naturally improves the quality of milk in the collective pool. Levno assists dairy processors by implementing Milk Quality Scores (MQS). These generic scores are great indicators of the condition of milk during tank storage across all farms prior to collection. They are a powerful tool for dairy companies to keep track of the milk, decide which farms to collect, and what products to produce. We have seen milk temperatures at collection, total bacteria counts, and milk spoilage reduce after the milk monitoring system has been installed. Milk quality is a key factor in determining economic value. By preserving the quality of the milk, farmers and processors can both maximise value and profitability.

Levno Milk Monitoring also offers logistical benefits for both farmers and processors. Farmers benefit from reduced disruptions due to tankers arriving during milking and reductions in split collections. Processors gain real-time metrics such as milk age, farm milking times, and volume data to integrate into logistics systems and improve fleet utilisation. Quality metrics also assists processors to determine if and when to collect milk.

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Levno for Milk is a sustainable solution and the benefits can be achieved year on year. The continuous monitoring of milk production and quality helps farmers reduce spoilage and waste, leading to lower costs and fewer insurance claims. Improved monitoring of production processes also enhances sustainable production, improves operation efficiencies, and conserves resources such as water and electricity.

For processors the solution has been proven to improve logistics, with fewer tankers travelling fewer kilometres, resulting in reductions in CO2 emissions. With real-time metrics and alerts, processors can collect milk at the right time, reducing spoilage and waste in the system, and resulting in more milk available for collection and processing. This improvement in sustainable production can also improve their reputation and differentiate their products in competitive markets.

With traceable data at their fingertips, farmers can easily comply with regulations giving them the peace of mind they need to run a successful operation. For processors, the improved traceability from cow to consumer helps build trust with end consumers by demonstrating the origin and quality of the milk they produce. This improved transparency can also provide a competitive advantage, especially in markets where consumers and processors may be willing to pay a premium for high-quality, traceable milk. Levno for Milk provides the missing link from cow to collection, ensuring that milk is monitored every step of the way.

Milk Partner Dashboard - Managing Logistics

Levno's Milk Monitoring system increases efficiency for both farmers and processors. Farmers can operate their plant and machinery more efficiently, conserve costly resources like water and electricity, as well as ensure staff comply with best milking practise. For processors, it leads to increased fleet utilisation and optimised logistics, reducing transport costs and increasing profitability. With real-time data, quick and informed decisions can be made, minimising downtime and driving overall efficiency improvements.

Levno's Milk Tank Monitoring (MTM) solution is designed to help dairy farmers and milk processors improve the quality of their milk, increase their yield, reduce waste, and lower operating costs. The milk monitoring system provides real-time monitoring and control over key factors in the milk production process and includes a simple app that provides actionable insights, tailored alerts, and a full traceable history of data. Levno's Milk Monitoring is a sustainable solution that has been proven to maximise value and profitability on both sides of the farm gate.

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