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What is Full Cream™?

In today's rapidly changing agricultural landscape, having the ability to maintain high quality traceable milk from milking to collection is a crucial aspect of dairy farming. However, this has been a challenging task for farmers until now. 

With Levno for Milk, Full Cream, farmers can now enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 human monitoring of their milk, an unparalleled level of protection and oversight. This unique solution stands apart from any other product available in the market and offers farmers a hassle-free and efficient way to keep the quality of their milk in check. 

Levno for Milk - How it works (UK 2023)

Full Cream provides assurance to farmers that their milking systems are being monitored wherever they are, whatever they are doing, eliminating the need to be on farm or close to the parlour. With Full Cream ’s 24/7 overwatch, milk is constantly monitored from the time it enters the tank until collection, with human alerts to farmers of issues as soon as they occur to help them produce, and processors collect, milk of the highest quality. This level of oversight not only helps farmers maintain the quality of their milk but also ensures that any issues are detected and addressed as early as possible.The following statistics are over and above standard automated alerts and only for Levno for Milk | Full Cream.

Levno’s Full Cream™ provides superior issue detection under the watchful eye of human scrutiny. The following statistics for milk are over and above standard automated alerts and only for those using Levno for Milk | Full Cream.

What are Escalated Alerts?

One of the key features of Levno’s Full Cream service is the personalised phone calls from Levno’s trained staff enabled via ‘Escalated Alerts’. These escalated alerts are triggered differently than the standard automated alerts offered through Levno’s entry level plans, allowing Levno to provide superior issue detection and mitigation to farmers.

With Full Cream the Levno system is highly sensitive and is designed to be more proactive. The system quickly notifies Levno’s 24/7 Customer Success (CS) Team of any potential issues, allowing them to investigate and act promptly. These internal notifications are triggered before ‘standard automated alerts’ and are generated based on the temperature of the milk in the tank, the state of the agitator, and/or the inlet temperature during milking. Once the Levno team are notified of a potential issue they analyse farm specific data including historical farm performance, trends, and typical processes to determine if there is an issue before making a personal call to the farmer or designated personnel on farm. This ensures that any issues are acted upon promptly and effectively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team will make multiple calls if necessary to resolve the issue and continuously monitor the situation to ensure the issue is fully resolved and the milk is back at the optimal temperature.

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With Levno’s Full Cream, you get 24/7 milk monitoring by human experts. Levno's team is based in New Zealand and work around the clock to monitor your milk tanks from cow to collection. 

Due to the greater level of oversight and human scrutiny Levno often identify more than just mechanical breakdown or human error. Because the team are looking at historical trends specific to each farm, they often detect inefficiencies in primary cooling or refrigeration systems before farmers are aware. Levno’s 24/7 CS team is a critical component of Full Cream, acting as the watchful eye that monitors data, and interprets trends to make informed, data-driven decisions when alerting farmers. With their industry experience, they can provide valuable information and advice beyond a simple text alert. Farmers often engage with the team to discuss potential causes of problems and collaborate to find solutions.

Understanding Milk Score Validation

During an 'Escalated Alert', we investigate all your on-farm data, validate the issue before making a personal call (day or night) to your designated worker to alert you of the issue.  

Understanding Milk Score Validation?

Full Cream also delivers another valuable feature in the form of validating Milk Scores, allowing farmers and processors to act on data with full confidence. The Milk Score uses key tank metrics to determine potential milk quality degradation prior to collection, or in other words, as an estimate of the level of bacteria present in stored milk. This feature has proven to be a significant increase in the ability for a farmer and processor to understand the quality of milk prior to collection. This ‘lead indicator’ allows both parties to determine in real-time the quality of the milk in the tank, prior to collection.  As has been well proven, milk stored under the right conditions and temperature can be held in the tank for much longer than milk that has been exposed to an unplanned event, such as a power outage or chiller failure. Naturally milk stored under the right conditions will be of better quality and hence have a much lower milk score than the latter.

With Full Cream, the 24/7 team validate and check each rising milk score as they cross predetermined thresholds. Again, with their expertise and using historical trends like milking, collection times, wash data and current data they can identify and remedy issues on farm. When combined with ‘Escalated Alerts’, where Levno will have previously intervened and contacted the farmer, a resolution can be found as soon as possible.

For processors, this is game-changing - with a real-time measure of milk quality being a key input in determining both collection planning and downstream processing decisions, and has vastly improved the ability to schedule collections, while also monitoring the quality & quantity of milk stored on farm. The purpose of Full Cream  is to minimise further degradation of the milk once a score has been registered and to validate each milk score to enable better decision making. 

Levno’s Full Cream™ plan is unique. It is a comprehensive solution that provides superior issue detection and human scrutiny.

Benefits of Full Cream? 

Levno’s Full Cream plan is unique. It is a comprehensive solution that provides superior issue detection and human scrutiny. This level of human oversight is unparalleled in the industry, and its value has been widely acknowledged by farmers with hundreds signing up to the service in the first few months. 

Now the service has been established in the market and the results have been proven - Levno’s Full Cream service improves milk quality. This has been demonstrated on farms receiving the Full Cream™ service by a reduction in milk scores, a reduction in average total bacteria counts (TBCs), and a reduction in insurance claims for temperature related issues. Full Cream delivers a positive return on investment for processors and farmers alike.
With Levno for Milk, Full Cream, farmers and processors can have confidence in their milk production and in their ability to consistently deliver high-quality milk to their customers. 

This real-time data-driven methodology is changing the way milk is protected and utilised across the industry.


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