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Revolutionising On-Farm Monitoring for UK Farmers

Introducing Levno, NZ’s fastest growing agribusiness now revolutionising on-farm monitoring in the UK. Specialising in Milk, Fuel, Water, Slurry, and Feed monitoring solutions, Levno is the leading choice for farmers and provides real time data, insights, and alerts to reduce operational costs and increase sustainable production.

The solutions also provide substantial returns for agribusinesses, such as milk processors and supply businesses, with all products providing benefit on both sides of the farm gate.

Levno's easily retrofitted sensors give farmers unparalleled visibility, peace of mind, confidence in their operations, and the insights they require to farm smarter. All products are offered through a simple subscription-based model that allows for easy adoption for farms of all sizes, with full price transparency and certainty.

Levno for Milk monitors temperatures, volume, agitation, hot washes, and more. With real-time data and insights, farmers can feel secure in the knowledge that their milk is being monitored 24/7, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing. Customisable alerts specific to the farm ensure you are always aware of any issues and have every chance to remedy them.

Levno for Milk - How it works (UK 2023)

Learn about Bulk Milk Tank Monitoring  - Click here to understand Levno's Milk Monitoring Solution. 


Levno's Milk Tank Monitoring optimises milk quality, streamlines the milking process, and supports farmers to stay complaint with ever-changing regulations and requirements. This results in less milk spoilage, lower operational expenses, and high-quality milk production while maintaining full traceability, giving farmers the ultimate peace of mind.

In App Image of Levno for Milk

All farm data is easily accessible on one simple app, available on both Android and Apple platforms. 

Chat to us about Levno’s on-farm monitoring solutions and how it can benefit you. Levno is well positioned to assist UK farmers and agribusinesses alike.

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