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Importance of Staff Development at Levno: A Look at Farm Visits

As a company specialising in farm monitoring systems, it is essential for the staff at Levno to have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by everyday farmers. One way we ensure our team has this understanding is through regular staff development activities, including farm visits.

Farm visits play a crucial role in the education and development of our interns and new staff members at Levno. These visits provide a unique opportunity for our team to witness the practical application of our monitoring systems on farms and understand how they are helping customers improve their productivity and efficiency. Through these visits, our team also learns about the diverse and specific challenges faced by farmers, which can vary depending on the region and the farming practices. This knowledge enables us to design and deliver products and services that are better suited to meet the specific needs of farmers and their operations.


Primary Cooling System for a Milking System

During a farm visit, our team at Levno will typically take the opportunity to gain a hands-on understanding of the farming operations, specifically the milk production process. This includes observing how farmers are utilising our milk monitoring solution and gaining insight into the primary cooling process. Our team also takes the time to understand the placement and function of sensors within the milk vats, and the challenges that farmers may face during their daily milking processes. This knowledge is crucial as it allows us to identify potential areas of failure and the relevance of our In-app alerts for various scenarios, which helps us to continue to improve our milk monitoring solution to better serve the farming community.

Another key benefit of farm visits is that they allow our team to build strong relationships with customers and gain a better understanding of their needs. This helps us to create products and services that are more effective in addressing the challenges faced by farmers. Furthermore, it also allows our team to develop a sense of empathy and compassion towards farmers, which leads to better customer service.

In conclusion, staff development activities such as farm visits are crucial for the growth and success of Levno. These visits provide our team with valuable insights into the challenges faced by farmers and allow us to continue to improve our products and services to better serve the farming community


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