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Preventing Fuel Theft


With the price of fuel skyrocketing, fuel theft is at an all-time high. The average fuel tank holds $4000 worth of fuel - we think that is worth protecting!

The purpose of this blog is to provide some helpful hints to keep your fuel secure on your farm or work site. 

You might not be aware that you have a fuel theft problem. Do you feel like your fuel is disappearing faster than it should? Discover a range of products to help secure your fuel and give you peace of mind. 

Type of Fuel Loss include:
  • Thieves coming onto the property
  • Workers helping themselves
  • Unexplained fuel sinkage
There are some easy steps to securing your fuel- first is checking the location of your tank. Can it be seen from the road?

Also, we believe it's worth investing in protection measures, so you have peace of mind knowing your fuel is secure. 

Want to know more? Click the link below to view our Preventing Fuel Theft eBook. 

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