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Inshed Displays: The Easy and Visible Way to Monitor Milk Cooling

Do you struggle with monitoring your milking system or find the odd issue slips past your team during milking?

Introducing Levno's Inshed Display - the simple and visible solution for keeping the temperature of your milk and plant performance in check.

The Inshed Display has a visible display of vat and inlet temperatures, as well as reliable flashing alerts when issues related to temperature, agitation, and overfilling of the vat are detected. Say goodbye to human and mechanical mistakes, and quickly address issues that affect the quality of your milk.

The visibility of the Inshed Display is convenient, so you never have to struggle with the hassle of using a mobile phone with dirty hands, or patchy or non-existent reception.

Levno's Inshed Display gives you the upper hand to ensure your milking systems are operating effectively and in a cost-efficient manner.

Benefits of an Inshed Display:

  • A simple and visible display 
  • Flashing temperatures to alert to issues with primary cooling, chillers, or human processes
  • Flashing lights for issues with agitation and overfilling of the vat
  • Promptly address any issues that arise during milking
  • Avoid the hassles of using a mobile phone during milking
  • Ideal for milk sheds located in areas with patchy or non-existent reception
  • Operate an efficient and cost-effective milking system. 
A typical Milking Shed in New Zealand
Inshed Display - Simple and visible display. Ideal for all milk sheds.
In-Shed Display
A recent installation of Levno's In-Shed Display
In-Shed Display Placement
We work with farmers to find the best visible placement for the In-Shed Display.

Milk Inshed Pricing 2023 update

Don't miss out on the advantages of having an InShed Display! To find out more about how an Inshed Display can ensure optimal milk and plant performance, simply click the button below to chat to our team.


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