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Customer Stories: Full Cream Makes Life Better at Clyne Dairies

Matthew Bell - Levno for Milk | Full Cream 

Matt Bell’s business, Clyne Dairies, Contract Milks 1800 Cows on a 413-hectare property in Canterbury. Matt really appreciates the value Levno’s milk monitoring technology provides and says Levno is the real deal.
"Levno for Milk is an incredibly accurate and amazing product and I would never be without it. There is a lot of Ag-Tech on the market these days and it’s not all equal. It’s obvious when a company with no farming background has tried to adapt their technology to farming, it doesn’t work. That’s not the case with Levno, it’s the real deal; Levno has listened to farmers and that’s what makes it so good!” 

At peak, Matt’s business employs 13 staff and puts out 53,000 litres of milk a day. “There are a lot of moving parts in an operation of this size”, explains Matt, “and with that an increased risk that something could go wrong. Things can be missed due to human error and that can cost you, bigtime if you lose a vat of milk! We all make mistakes, it’s human – I make mistakes.” 

“Levno significantly reduces the risk of human error and gives us the opportunity to correct errors before they cost us” says Matt. “So, if someone forgets to turn on the agitator, Levno will let us know and we can sort it. If a hot wash hasn’t been run, or has not been run hot enough, Levno will let us know so we can sort it before the next lot of milk goes in.” 

Matt loves the visibility Levno provides to him and his staff. “Errors can be sorted by someone quickly and I can know things are being done right, without having to go down to the shed. Levno makes my job easier and that makes life better.” 

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