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Levno for Fuel gives you real-time information on your tank, so you’re always in the know

Levno monitors over 5,400 petrol, diesel, oil, and avgas tanks - we let customers know when fuel is added or withdrawn from your tank. We will also notify you when fuel levels get low, so you can get it topped up before you run out.

Levno for Fuel
Levno for Fuel
Levno for Fuel
Levno for Fuel Alert
Levno for Fuel
Levno for Fuel
Levno for Fuel
Levno for Fuel

Levno for Fuel can be adapted for a range of uses

Farm Fuel

Install Levno on your farm petrol and diesel tanks and get alerted the moment someone removes fuel from your tank so you can put a stop to fuel shrinkage.


Levno for Fuel alerts you when your fuel levels get low so you can get your tank topped up before you feel the effects.

Aviation Fuel

Levno’s patented technology uses capacitance to accurately measure volume. Levno is rated for use in explosive environments and can safely be installed on avgas tanks.

Underground Tanks

Levno for Fuel can be installed on a range of sites including underground tanks. Have the confidence of knowing how much fuel you have with Levno.


Levno for Fuel can be adapted to measure the volumes of a range of oils and lubricants. Ensure your workshop knows when you’re running low on oil with Levno.

Levno on your farm

How it works


Our team makes installation a breeze. We’ll fit our sensor to your fuel tank in your downtime, so it won’t impact your milking operations.

Data Readings

Our patented system measures your fuel levels and reports any changes in data.

Data storage

Data is processed and sent to Levno’s secure cloud dashboard.

The data is only accessible to you, and the people you share it with.


We will send you updates every time fuel is taken from your tank and let you know when need a top-up.


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Secure your fuel. No huge upfront costs for just a simple monthly fee that covers all ongoing service and support. Monthly subscriptions are based on tank volumes as follows:

Regular Fuel Package

From $25 per month

See what's included

  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Fuel withdrawal notifications
  • 3 users per farm
  • Up to 40 text alerts per month
  • Unlimited email alerts per month
  • Ongoing training
  • 48 hours data history
  • Service, maintenance and updates included

Super Fuel Package

From $35 per month

See what's included

  • All Regular Fuel features
  • Low level alert escalation
  • Full data history
  • Advanced alerts and reports
  • Unlimited users per farm
  • Up to 100 text alerts per month

Add-ons | Fuel

Customise your Levno for Fuel. Add any of these to your monthly fuel package:

See what's included

  • $10 Additional tanks on the same site (includes split tanks)

Please note the above costs exclude:

  • An installation fee of $300 per site visit applies
  • Large tanks 2,501L to 10,000L: Additional $10 per month
  • Extra large tanks 10,001L and over: Additional $20 per month

All prices shown are exclusive of GST.

Levno on your farm

You're safe with Levno

Our trained staff and dedicated service centre make it easy to book installations, so you can be up and running as soon as possible - without changing your schedule.

We also have a support network available 24/7 to help solve any issues with our products before they impact you.

Secure your farm with Levno. Monitor what matters and keep your business safe.

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See how you can monitor your whole farm:


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