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User Fuel  Allocation

User Allocation


Allocating fuel to a user lets you keep track of how much each individual is using and for what. This is handy when you have multiple people accessing your fuel tanks. It also helps to deter them from filling up private vehicles.
Equipment fuel allocation

Equipment Allocation

Allocating fuel to your equipment lets you keep track of how much fuel is being used by your tractor, truck, chainsaw, quad and other equipment. You'll find a handy running total for each piece of equipment in the reporting section.
Task Allocation

Task Allocation


Allocating fuel to tasks allows you to build an accurate picture of how much fuel certain tasks and jobs use. This is really handy when it comes to quoting and invoicing for work. No more guesswork needed! 


Say goodbye to guesswork and manual recording 

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Know exactly where your fuel is going 

Premium's allocation feature is intuitive and really easy to use. With every withdrawal recorded in your dashboard you have the ability to assign it to a user, vehicle or task - the quick click of a couple of buttons in the App is all it takes.
This helps with reporting, quoting and invoicing for work, and it makes claiming your fuel excise tax refund so much faster and easier. It's goodbye to guesswork and manual recording for good! 

Upgrade to Premium Today!


Upgrade to Premium Today!

Drop us a line with a few details and we'll be in touch soon to confirm your upgrade.

Levno makes fuel tax refunds easy

We know those multi-paged NZTA forms can be a laborious task to complete every quarter. 
Premium's allocation feature makes completing your NZTA form quick and easy:
  • Allocate fuel withdrawals to equipment as you go with the click of a few buttons.
  • Your allocation data is stored in your Levno dashboard, ready to use when you need it. View a running usage total for each piece of equipment any time.
  • Source accurate opening and closing balances for your fuel tanks. No more guesswork needed and you might be due more of a refund than you think. 
Or, ditch the paperwork by signing up with a tax refund partner 
Levno has partnered with companies that specialise in fuel tax refunds. Our fuel allocation data feeds into their system and automatically applies for your fuel excise tax refund. 
Fuel app - allocation reports

See what's included in our Premium fuel monitoring plan

Levno for Fuel | Premium provides the ultimate in fuel monitoring and asset management.

Features include:
Fuel app in hand 2
      • Fuel level monitoring
      • Fuel withdrawal notifications
      • Fuel refill notifications
      • Allocate all withdrawals to a specific asset, vehicle or task
      • Allocate all withdrawals to a specific user
      • After-hours withdrawal alerts - set alerts for non-business hours 
      • Full data history, allowing you to review historic withdraws and fills
      • Unlimited in-app notifications
      • 100 text email alerts
      • Unlimited users, access for the whole team
      • 24/7 customer service

        From $45 a month*
        *Excludes a one-off installation fee of $300 per site
        ** Extra tanks are an additional $10 per month per site

        No huge hardware costs - just a simple monthly fee that covers all ongoing service and support. With Levno, it's that simple.

Talk to us about Levno for Fuel


Talk to us about Levno for Fuel

Drop us a line with a few details and we'll be in touch soon!
Even if you are just considering fuel monitoring, you are welcome to get in touch for an obligation free chat.

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