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Levno for Milk | Partner

Levno for Milk provides you with real-time information about your supplier's milk vats. It monitors the temperature, volume, agitation, milking time, and hot washes throughout milking systems.

The Levno technical team will work closely with your operations team to ensure that the data coming out for the Levno platform fits the requirements of your scheduling system to ensure that the benefits of Levno can be rapidly achieved.

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Levno for Fuel | Partner

Levno for Fuel provides you with real-time information about your customers’ fuel tanks. It monitors usage, activity, and days to empty.

Levno provides your company with logistic savings, and visibility over what's in your customer's fuel tank, so your never run them dry. The Levno platform aligns with your scheduling and logistic system to ensure that the benefits of Levno are achieved.

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Logistics Cost Savings | Milk Companies

Levno collects milking time window and milking volume data. With milk vat monitoring we can reduce milking time windows by an average of 45 minutes allowing milk processors to improve logistics by allowing a greater period of time to collect milk.

Accurate volumes significantly reduce the number of partial pickups and will allow your logistics team to ensure milk tankers return fuller.

Levno allows you to lower the average transport cost per litre of milk collected.

Logistics Cost Savings | Fuel Companies

Levno collects real-time information about your customer's fuel tanks. Collecting volume, usage activity, and days to empty data.

With fuel tank monitoring you can improve your logistics by knowing exactly how much is in your customers’ tanks prior to delivery. You’ll only deliver to customers who require fuel and you’ll always know who is running low.

Levno allows you to lower the average transport cost per litre. Accurate volumes reduce the number of deliveries made.

Improved Milk Quality | Milk Companies

Levno collects the cooling, CPI wash, and stirrer data history. With this data Levno works with milk companies to develop an estimate of milk quality and age available to your logistics and quality teams prior to collection.

This will give milk suppliers more flexibility to decide if and how you collect low quality milk, ultimately leading to improvements in the quality of milk products you produce.

Our experience also suggests that when farmers have MVMS systems they improve their milking

Customer acquisition and retention | Fuel Companies

Offering Levno for Fuel as part of your package increases customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Customers never run out of fuel due to the visibility Levno allows you to have over their fuel tanks.
Levno becomes an additional sales tool for the sales team.


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Fonterra is already seeing the benefits of having Milk Vat Monitoring Systems rolled out across our 11000+ milk vats.

Getting real time updates of farmers milking times is allowing us to improve the utilization of our existing 484 strong milk collection fleet. This has significantly improved our service levels to our farmer shareholders, over 99% of milk collections this season have been done outside farmers milking times, reducing our impact on how they farm.

Getting more work done on our existing tankers is also driving a reduction in the overall number of tankers we need to get the milk collected through the peak of the season. We have already reduced our fleet size by seven tankers due to data coming from MVMS.


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