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Levno for Milk gives you real-time information about your milk vat, so you are always in the know.

Over the last 12 months, Levno has monitored 10 billion litres of milk - alerting farmers to issues so they can be fixed before you feel their impact. Your personalised dashboard, a range of reports, and dedicated 24/7 customer support keeps you in the know.

Levno for Milk
Levno for Milk
Levno for Milk
Levno for Milk
Levno for Milk
Levno for Milk

Levno for Milk makes it easy to keep track of your vat

Milk Volume

Know exactly how much milk you have in your vat, as well as when your milking starts and stops.

Vat Temperature

Throughout every part of your system track the temperature of your milk, ensuring everything is running smoothly right up to pick-up.

Milk Agitation

Make sure your milk agitator is constantly running as it should be and get alerted if ever it stops so you can get it fixed straight away.

Hot Washes

See trends on your hot washes. Get data on when a wash has not run or was not run hot enough.

MPI Regulations

Meet the new milk cooling regulations by ensuring you have accurate records of your milk temperatures.

Vat Door / Outlet Tap

Ensure you never forget to close the manway door or outlet tap with alerts when you start milking.

Power Outages

When milk is in the vat, get alerted when the power goes out and again when the power is restored.

Milking Start / Stop

Keep an eye on how the team is tracking with data on exactly when each milking begins and ends.

Levno for your farm
Levno for your farm

How it works


Our team makes installation a breeze. We’ll fit our four sensors to your milk vat in your downtime, so it won’t impact your milking operations.

Data readings

The sensors continuously measure volume, temperatures, agitation, hot washes, and power.

It can also monitor your vat door and outlet tap.

Data storage

Data is processed and sent to Levno’s secure cloud dashboard.

The data is only accessible to you, and the people you share it with.


Levno will alert you to any important issues straight away.

A range of reports are available to see performance changes over time.


What farmers are saying

Levno on your farm
Roy Tiller

“Recently at 1.30 am my refrigeration unit wasn’t working, so the milk temperature got high. An alert to my phone saved me half a vat of milk worth $3,000.”

Roy Tiller

Cam Lewis

“One of our staff members left the refrigeration unit off one weekend and Levno alerted me early enough so we could get that milk chilled and had no problems sending it to Fonterra.”

Cam Lewis

James Stewart

“Farmers have had various warnings about future regulations. Investing in new equipment in advance, and knowing it'll comply with the future standards, gives me one less thing to worry about. It's a total relief.”

James Stewart

Levno on your farm
Levno on your farm

Try Levno today


Get Levno for Milk with a simple monthly fee that covers all ongoing service and support.

Trim Milk Package

From $60 per month

See what's included

  • Vat volume
  • Milk inlet & vat temperatures
  • Milk agitation
  • Milking start & stop time
  • 48 hours of data history
  • 3 users per farm
  • Up to 40 text alerts per month
  • Unlimited email alerts per month
  • Multi farm view
  • Ongoing training
  • Service, maintenance and updates included

Blue Top Milk Package

From $80 per month

See what's included

  • All Trim Milk features
  • Alert escalation (24 hour escalation phone call)
  • Full data history
  • Unlimited users
  • Up to 100 text alerts per month

Full Cream Milk Package

From $105 per month

See what's included

  • All Blue Top Milk features
  • Unlimited text alerts
  • Advanced & customisable alerts
  • Customisable reporting
  • Multi farm reporting
  • Outlet tap monitoring
  • Vat door monitoring

Add-ons | Milk

Customise your Levno for Milk. Add these to your monthly milk package:

See what's included

  • $40 Additional vat on the same site

Please note the above costs exclude:

  • An installation fee of $400 (+$100 for each additional vat on the same site)

All prices shown are exclusive of GST.

Levno - affordable monitoring for your farm
Levno - affordable monitoring for your farm

You're safe with Levno

Our trained staff and dedicated service centre make it easy to book installations, so you can be up and running as soon as possible - without changing your milking schedule.

We also have a support network on call 24/7 to help solve any issues with our products before they impact you.

Secure your farm with Levno. Monitor what matters and keep your business safe.

Levno - Milk Monitoring

Try Levno today

See how you can monitor your whole farm:


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