New milk vat technology coming soon

New milk vat technology coming soon for Fonterra suppliers

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Fonterra will be rolling out new milk vat monitoring technology in the Canterbury, Tasman and Malborough regions over the next three months to support the production of high-quality milk and make milk collection more efficient.

Levno is one of the two companies who have been chosen as a provider of Milk Vat Monitoring Systems (MVMS) on Fonterra suppliers’ farms in the Canterbury, Tasman and Malborough regions.

Levno is the leading provider of MVMS in New Zealand, monitoring over 1.4 billion litres of milk over the last year. Levno for Milk monitors temperature right through your milk system; plus volume, milking time and vat agitator action.

The dairy farmers who already have the Levno MVMS say it has helped them make more informed decisions and address issues quickly, helping them to avoid lost milk or grades.

As a Fonterra supplier you will be given a choice of two providers. Levno is offering you a no-obligation opportunity to use their MVMS system and Levno’s Fuel Monitoring System for two months (or up to 31 December 2019) before deciding which system you would prefer to go with. Levno is confident you will love their MVMS.

This is a great offer.  To receive this offer just phone 0800 453 866 or complete the form below. Levno will get back to you to advise the date of your installation which will be approximately one week from submitting the form.

For those Fonterra suppliers who are not in Fonterra’s first rollout region Levno has a great offer for you too. We will install Levno MVMS at no cost on your farm. The cost is normally $400.  All you will pay is the subscription fee of $80 per month until Fonterra rolls out MVMS in your region. From then, Fonterra will cover your subscription costs.