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Two of New Zealand’s leading brands in the agricultural space have partnered up in the name of quality milk. GEA’s FIL, leading dairy hygiene and animal health supplier, and Levno, leading provider of on-farm monitoring and milk vat monitoring systems, are working together to improve farmers’ visibility and dairy hygiene in their farming operation.

Customers will be able to use Levno’s milk vat monitoring system to provide data and analytics to FIL. The partnership will make use of Levno advance analytics to detect and prevent milk quality issues before they occur, ultimately saving farmers time and money.

“As firm believers of the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, teaming up with Levno will enable us to detect and diagnose potential issues in our customer’s milking systems before they become problems” says FIL National Sales Manager Bede Murphy.

“Having access to real-time information about their milk vat, our farming customers will feel empowered to understand what is happening on their farm. And being able to see this data from a mobile – no matter if you’re on the farm or not – is key to making timely decisions that will help farmers see better results and maximise milk return.”

The partnership will allow Levno and FIL to continue research and development on the milk vat monitoring system to monitor the entirety of the milking system.

FIL is encouraging their customers to get Levno’s Milk Vat Monitoring system, which is free to all Fonterra suppliers.

Fonterra’s MVMS rollout is a national project where Fonterra will pay for all its suppliers to have a Milk Monitoring System (Levno Trim Milk).

Fonterra will get limited access to some of the data from the MVMS. This will improve transportation and milk quality for Fonterra creating significant savings for the co-op.

“Levno’s Milk vat monitoring lets farmers know when they have issues on their milk vats like power outages and refrigeration problems. These improvements and this partnership with allow FIL to diagnose issues before the problem even occurs” says Levno CEO Larry Ellison.

Levno invests heavily in R&D to ensure their products are accurate and reliable and they are consistently adding to their product range. They’re currently developing weather monitoring and soil monitoring products. Levno can monitor: Fuel | Petrol and Diesel, Milk | Milk Vat Monitoring, Water | Flow and pump, activity, Water | Water Tank Levels, Effluent | Flow Pump activity and irrigator movement, Feed Silo | Usage and balance remaining.

GEA’s FIL is New Zealand’s leading dairy hygiene and animal health suppliers. For over 30 years, they’ve provided effective and reliable products, along with on-farm solutions, to suit the needs of kiwi dairy farmers. Their product range includes: Dairy detergents | Teat care | Bloat remedies | Spray marker dyes | Globally recognised range of tail paints.

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